About Jeannie

Counselor, NCC, LMHC, MCAP, ICRC

Raising three sons as a single mother and putting myself through college in mid-life has allowed me a greater understanding of human nature. My search for meaning began early in my life, which began my own spiritual journey. I believe that it is the relationship of trust and respect that is built between therapist and client, which leads to awareness and change. I partner with my clients to facilitate the healing process and to achieve their personal goals.

I am trained in various traditional models of psychotherapy, including person-centered, cognitive behavioral and Humanistic therapy. However, it has been my studies in Buddhism and discovering the non-dualistic approach, using mindfulness in all life transactions to cultivate contentment. I believe in the potential for transformation, healing and finding existential meaning in life and therefore use a pragmatic and eclectic approach tailored to the needs of each individual.

Using mindfulness to identify how we operate in the present moment, and respond creatively, rather than re-actively, understanding the meaning of conflict can literally be life-changing. Other Buddhist ideas include identifying and cultivating positive conditions in order to cause positive mental and emotional states to arise. Exploring the relationship between how the world is and how we perceive it, helps in making wiser choices and breaks the destructive habitual patterns that bring suffering. Buddhism teaches that suffering comes to an end when we live in accordance with how things actually are, not just accepting, but understanding the world and how we function in it.